Having some fun with a serious subject

Let’s give big props to the Office of Women’s Health at the Department of Health and Human Services (not to mention you for your tax dollars) for this recent and important annual promotion. WomensHealth.gov set up a wonderful web site for the event; it’s still up and packed with great information about healthy living for women of all ages. Check out the nifty interactive tool to get steps to take for good health. Just type in your age group and hit “Go.” For baby boomer women, you’ll see some very familiar suggestions—suggestions I’ve been advocating for my entire career: exercise most days for at least 30 minutes, eat healthy, maintain a healthy weight (that doesn’t mean you have to be skinny), limit alcohol, and for heaven’s sake, don’t smoke!

There are many other common sense suggestions on the site as well including regular doctor visits especially for mammograms, cholesterol, and diabetes checks.


Want to turn your game up a notch? Take the NWHW Pledge, then enter your age group in the interactive map and play something of a “Battle of the Decades” to see which age group has made the most pledges to healthier living.  When I last checked the map, the 50’s were packing a punch. Way to go, girls!

And that’s another reason I like this promotion so much: National Women’s Health Week is all about taking a serious subject and making it fun.

Hey, I’ve been saying that for 30 years too!