Our Collective Ability to Effect Change

Baby Boomers are plagued by health problems associated with a lack of adequate exercise. Excessive body fat and deficiencies in muscle tone and strength are but a few of the resulting problems. Elevated levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure are proof that we’re living longer, but not stronger. We baby boomers have to demand that fitness facilities, gyms and health clubs, offer appropriate programs that challenge our muscles without stressing our joints.

Many PBS stations have put fitness on the back burner in favor of airing as many as 20 cooking shows each day. Strength, vitality and relevance, all associated with youthfulness, can be maintained, even increased, with a program of weight-bearing exercises. Voicing your support of fitness on PBS by contacting the program director at your local PBS station will make a difference. Let’s pool our strengths and have daily TV fitness available to all. We, collectively, can make a difference!