My Fervent Wish for 2017


An opportunity to produce a new Body Electric series of 26 shows in 2017 is my passion. There are many moving parts which all have to come together in order to make the series a reality. I have always been an independent producer of Body Electric, airing on PBS since 1984. In the past, the shows have been funded by a combination of commercial underwriters, viewer contributions, and the support of various TV stations, first WFSU in Tallahassee, FL, followed by WNED in Buffalo, NY. With this series, the 22nd,  I’m hoping that Kickstarter will generate ample crowd funding.

The Production

I am a detail person. The Body Electric brand is steeped in strength and grace. I have always been passionate about all things aesthetic including, but not limited to, the movement, the setting, and the music. These values are very subjective, so I rely on my own judgment as the creator, host, and producer. Needless to say, I value viewer input as extremely generous and valid.


I recently came upon the most beautiful venue, the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA. The theater, which faces the harbor and ocean, features a glass wall that separates the stage from the elements. The management is very enthusiastic and supportive about having the Body Electric production on their stage. Just imagine a setting designed by Mother Nature!

The production team and I are good to go in March. The plan is to launch the funding campaign this January. One of the premiums for contributors will include a four-disc DVD including all 26 shows.

The PBS Stations

My team and I have been in touch with many of the PBS stations that both have a history with Body Electric, or have never aired the shows. We have gotten an enthusiastic response from program directors who recognize the validity of the program and will air the series when it becomes available. We will provide the station list on the Kickstarter site.

It’s About Time!

I am intensely passionate about providing a program for Baby Boomers with exercises designed to maintain muscle tone and stronger bones. We need to challenge our muscles, without stressing joints that have had their share of wear-and-tear. This type of program is generally not offered at gyms and health clubs. And, you’ll have free access in your home on PBS! Many of us have been fitness friends for many years, and I am humbled by your loyalty and support. At the age of 70, I am totally in tune with where we have been and what the future offers. Let’s stay strong!