The flow state: where peak performance intersects with peak experience to create a situation of intense focus. ACE (American Council on Exercise)

The concept of movement “flow” is new to me. And, yet, it’s very familiar. I am thankful that my foundation in ballet has dictated my every move. Many of us have been together many years, and you may be familiar with my “muscle with grace” orientation.

I used to love choreographing dances for the Body Electric program, however, I came to the realization that “the friends” joining me from their homes, probably were not in an environment with non-impact floors and the room to move. And, that everyone was better served, aerobically, by taking a brisk 30+ minute walk outside or on the treadmill. My number-one priority has always been to provide a safe and effective program.

I have always enjoyed creating fluid, dance-like movements in the warm-ups. What makes them fluid are the transitions. In other words, each movement is linked to the next. I have instinctively created these transitions in the warm-ups and standing
movements with weights. However, I have not included flow in the floor exercises.

I am now motivated to incorporate flow in the workout. As an example, instead of performing 3.5 minutes of an outer thigh repetition, and then stopping to stretch, I suggest you create a link between that movement and the next with another movement (perhaps abs, inner thighs, etc.) adding a flow element to the floor exercises. You will, of course, incorporate stretches at the end of the workout.

The experience of flow is the state in which you become so involved in the movements that nothing else seems to matter. Please let me know if this works for you. Talk about being in the moment!!!!!