When is it enough?

The old Wakulla Inn, near Tallahassee, FL, truly reflects southern grace. Sunday dinner at the Inn is nothing short of a well-honed traditional meal offered by waiters that have been serving the fried chicken, buttery biscuits, sweet iced tea, and all of the fixin’s for decades. The restaurant is also famed for its homemade thick and flavorful pea soup. I questioned the server as to whether the pea soup was offered as an appetizer or a meal. The server proudly replied, “It’s a meal in itself.”

I never intuitively experience the limits of my own creativity. I believe that a small change can make a huge difference. Does the artist create with a clear vision of the end result? The strategy is as unique as the creator, however, art can reveal itself during the process. I recently had a conversation with a designer I admire because of her attention to detail. “How do you know when the project is complete?” She replied that she respects her sense that she has done her best. Creating for others, or what is perceived others want, is known as self conscious expression. True creators are authentic without filters. They discover new ways to connect that which already exists, and allow it to evolve.

Has the rainbow with its pallet of “Roy G. Biv” (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) been fully interpreted? Has the last greatest book been written, or the last greatest music been composed? Absolutely not! Perhaps pea soup is a “meal in itself,” but the artist bravely explores unchartered territory, always dancing on the skinny branches.

“80% of success is showing up.”        

                       Woody Allen