It’s a Fact! Fitness and Strength Create Immunity Against Aging.


Aging muscles can lose strength, mass and mobility if we give in to sedentary behaviors; we can start to experience rapid muscle and joint declines in our early 40s. The key is to create an ongoing habit of movement, activity and strength building. People who have maintained consistent weight and resistance training over their adult years enjoy immunity to many of the chronic conditions related to aging.

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Water is Life


For me, this is personal. Last Friday I exercised from 4:30 to 5:30 pm and quickly dressed to meet a friend for dinner at 6pm. We began our dinner with a glass of red wine and I ordered a bowl of chili inspired by the fall-like temperature. We enjoyed our meal,paid the bill, and as we got up to leave, I began to feel light-headed. I sat right down and proceeded to experience intense nausea with the resulting consequences (I’ll spare you the gory details). The culprit turned out to be dehydration caused by inadequate fluid intake.

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Strength in Numbers


Baby Boomers are plagued by health problems associated with a lack of adequate exercise. Excessive body fat and deficiencies in muscle tone and strength are but a few of the resulting problems. Elevated levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure are proof that we’re living longer, but not stronger. We baby boomers have to demand that fitness facilities, gyms and health clubs, offer appropriate programs that challenge our muscles without stressing our joints.

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Don’t like it? Modify it.


Have you joined a health club only to discover that you don’t really belong there? Indeed, fitness programs named Cross Fit, Insanity, Boot Camp, and Zumba can sound intimidating to some people and may not even be appropriate for your age or fitness level. So what to do? Your options might include staying with it, hitting the treadmill, or perhaps spending more money on a personal trainer. Actually, staying with your current class might not be such a bad option, if you take steps to modify your (or the class) routine. (And who wants to throw away good money, right?) With a little tweaking, the class you’re already attending might still provide the challenge and muscle-toning you’re looking for. Check out my 10 Tips for customizing your club or class workouts

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