Overview: Body Electric TV

Body Electric TV debuted in 1984 to PBS television audiences nationwide. As the first televised fitness program to features light-resistance workouts to the beat of popular music, the show was an instant hit. More than 500 episodes of Body Electric TV have been produced for PBS in the 30 years since, all featuring series creator, producer, and host Margaret Richard.


Body Electric TV’s appeal went beyond light-resistance and the music, however. Viewers also embraced the idea — and convenience — of working out at home; especially appealing to the busy stay-at-home moms and the dual-income baby boomer crowd of the day.


Today, the Body Electric TV workout and message are more relevant and important than ever to an aging baby boomer audience not the least bit ready to slow down. Host Richard offers exercises that help aging bodies to feel fit, tone, and strong without stressing joints that have received their share of wear-and-tear.

A new series of Body Electric TV programs is now in development.


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