Getting Better is a perfect program if you are a beginner, requiring rehabilitation, or want to add additional resistance to your arms and legs for a workout that is intense, yet controlled.

The Getting Better program is unique in that all of the exercises are accomplished in a chair or on the floor.  I was inspired to produce this program when I had foot surgery back in 1996. Many years of ballet and dancing en pointe had inflicted damage on my poor toes.Muscle & Grace Stretching features graceful stretches inspired by ballet and Yoga, filmed on location in beautiful Acapulco. This program can be used as one 30-minute or six 5-minute segments to be used after every workout.

Includes a bonus Muscle and Grace stretching program!


Both Getting Better and Muscle & Grace Stretching have maintained their popularity, integrity and relevance over the years. You can – and should – maintain your life-long strength and flexibility. Hey, we want to be doing our errands when we’re 90!

*Getting Better/ MUSCLE & GRACE STRETCHING is available as a digital download.


Model #: DVD 3041
Price: $19.95

Customer Reviews

great and not easy!

By: Susanna
July 03, 2015
This is a tough workout but is one of my favorites. As with most of her workouts the upper body gives me trouble the first time through - I cant' seem to get in position floor, chair, standing with the right weights for how she does the moves-she switches angles on some like the biceps or shoulders and I can do heavier on some positions but not on others. I also don't get off the floor fast enough! this one has no standing though so only floor to chair. the lower body as usual is my fave of hers - all on the floor :-) you do need to have you feet on the block/bench/chair for the booty lifts so if your injury prevents this you'll have to figure something out- she uses a towel seems like. you do NOT have to have an injury to benefit from this workout- I like it and I'm just trying to get into shape