The Body Bar provides an effective and challenging alternative to traditional dumbbells.



Raising the Bar features a 60-minute full-body workout using the Body Bar.


The Body Bar can add dynamic benefits to your workout including balance and coordination, and will complement equipment you now own.


You will keep your muscles challenged, your body guessing, and the results coming! (2000)

  • Dumbbells may be substituted for The Body Bar in many of the segments.
  • Coming soon: video clips


Download the RAISING THE BAR Digital Video for immediate download and unlimited use.





Model #: DVD 3045
Price: $17.95

Customer Reviews

Great Workout

By: Shanna
June 27, 2018
I did this workout with a 9 lbs bar and it kicked my butt. Margaret is using a 12 lbs. Amazing. I loved this workout and cannot wait to do it again. I really felt the burn the next day.