The Spark is a metaphor for motivation and creativity.

We want to be rockin’ throughout our lives ... and, definitely not in a chair. Maintaining strength and flexibility are crucial for vitality. The Spark program features exercises that challenge your muscles, but are kind to your joints. And, the deCordova Sculpture Garden and Museum provides a spectacular setting. Work out with The Spark several times each week, continuing to challenge your muscles with heavier weights when you can do so without compromising correct form.

Recommended equipment:
• Dumbbells
• Small Rubber Ball (7-10” diameter)
• Exercise Mat


Model #: DVD 3042
Price: $19.95

Customer Reviews

Bizarre format

By: Karen
June 03, 2015
I have been exercising to Body Electric videos/CDs for over twenty years and was very excited to try a new CD. Unfortunately for me, I was very disappointed in The Spark. The format is strange. I prefer to exercise all the major muscles in one 60-minute or two 30-minute programs, but you can't do that with this one. The warm-up and cool-down segments aren't in the right places to do all the muscles. I currently have to stop the CD and look around to find the exercise I want to do to make sure I have the whole body covered. The exercises are good as usual, but I hope the next CD goes back to the original format.