Arlene Robinson

I’m grateful for the streaming service. I do 2 shows at a time every other day rotating with the elliptical. I’m 62 with a total knee replacement and feel happy about the progress with BE a big part of my routine. Thank you Margaret Richard!

Beverley Wallstead

Started out with you from the beginning, my kids were little, I have several of the individual tapes but really preferred working out with the daily program. The routines are instilled in my brain and I have adapted them to meet my arthritic body. Just keep moving. Thank You Margaret

Michele Siegel

The first time I saw your show I connected to it all- the music, the exercise, the BE dancers but especially YOU, Margaret. I loved everything you said – you were a riot- and how you presented each exercise. That was 1985. And we are still going strong. Now when I choose a show, although I am completely present, I am brought back in time which keeps a big smile on my face. Thank you so very much.

Teresa Frey

I have followed the body electric since the 1980’s. Margaret Richards you’ve had a life-long impact on my life. I humbly thank you

Deanna K Palacios Hudson

So thankful I tuned in from my living room in Westfield Indiana!!! I’ve forgotten so much from my life except your beautiful face and daily dedication to workout with u.

I can not express enough how you inspired me and changed my body and mind. You saved me so many times from the darkness of depression and PTSD and much more. Ty for teaching me to make time for myself and to use that time to strengthen my mind, body and soul. You’re truly the only person who took the time to see me when I was invisible and strengthened me from the inside out. I love u Maggie and u forever hold a piece of my heart. Luv n hugs

Patrice R. Williams

Thank you Margaret for creating the Body Electric Show . You touched so many lives and helped me years ago to build confidence in myself and maintaining my workout routine.

Brigitte Arwe

Back in the Spring of 1989, you helped me get over a badly broken leg. God bless you.

Melody Hollon Harper

I remember when I used to “sit” on the couch and watch your show. I thought how easy everything looked… like you weren’t really doing anything. Then one day I got off that couch!! That was one of my best decisions ever!! I was hooked. I also couldn’t believe what a workout i actually got. I still remember how you emphasized the correct form over everything else. I’m one year away from 60 and I NEED to get back off the couch again!!

Roseann Williams-Levin

Love Body Electric since I started with you Margaret back when my sons were babies, now they are in their 30’s …. Thank you!

Angel Spear

Always kept My Glutes in Gear. Thanks. Started working out with you in 1993, Thanks again.

Jane Awkard Marks

For those of us that were there from the beginning , indeed it was a life finding experience. While most of us individually we were happy. Collectively with Margaret we not only embraced dance we became a Family. How proud are all of us of Margaret and what she has meant to all of us. Joy , self care , exercise and continually learning to be better versions of ourselves. What a way to celebrate Throw Back Thursday

Christy Toups

I started out with you in 1985 after the birth of my 1st child. I found you on PBS and have been working out with you now for 35 years! You are one of my best friends and I look forward to our time together each day! I am 62 years old now and am grateful for each workout with you. Thanks Margaret!

Cindi L. Bonifer

Thank you for inspiring so many with your amazing programs! Once I understand the streaming process, my goal is to buy as many series as possible. You’ve helped me fight the physical ailments that have crept up over the years!

Michele Michaelson Schnittker

I found you on PBS in Chicago late 80’s I was hooked and got in great shape here am 57 and found you again I’m in Geneva Switzerland and thanks to YouTube exercising with you again

Joanne O’Connor

Truth! You always emphasized people should know their limits and to not push themselves if they can’t do something in the beginning! It will come the more you stick with your program. I’ve never injured myself doing Body Electric workouts because you so eloquently explained proper form. THANK YOU for giving so much of yourself to us all these years!

Shanna Nadeau

I began hearing Body Electric when I was in school. My mom would do it and that was my cue that is was time to wake up. UUUHHH. Then fast forward 10 years and my moms VHS tapes were wearing out. I traveled with my baby boy to AZ to visit my husband who was TDY and found the show coming on The local PBS. I recorded them everyday for my two week stay and brought them back to my mom like a treasure. Doing them now instead of just listening. Then a couple more years later we were stationed in AZ and I began recording and doing the shows again. Again, I shared them with my mom like a true treasure. Now with the streaming option we are once again staying strong and fit! Thank you for giving a workout that we can do well and consistently. You are giving me a great workout, but you are keeping my mom young and active midway through her 60s. We enjoy sharing private jokes from the show and looking at each other and grinning when we hear a song on the radio from the show. Both thinking…this song makes me wanna work uhhhh, my deltoids. Three cheers for Margaret and her crew!!! I’m loving the shape of my arms again!

Ann Connor

Thank you Margaret! Working out with you since you began and know many years later my body appreciates how you have evolved the exercises to suit your, and my, changes that come with age. I feel your later exercise routines even better than when you started! And they were great then!

Marie Lo Verme

I toast to my own reunion

When I become one with the sun

Paula Rimshaw Yanoshik

Thank you Margaret, for being you. You have been my TV exercise friend since the late 80s, and you are still so wonderful! I have some of your old fun routines on my DVR so I’m still spending good times with you!

Susan Boggio

I am still using my VHS tapes from 1982. Love your programs! They are timeless. I appreciate you always saying protect your back!!

Mary Scanio

I love your cueing and classes

Top Fan

Clara Young

I have been working out with you on PBS since my kids were babies in the eighties! Your exercises seemed so effortless but gave great results! Love BE

Jennifer Suna Randall

I always thought that you had the best class on TV with your Body Electric show. I think you have outlasted every exercise instructor, which is a testament to you! I even got to be one of your dancers on a shows or two. Very special

Teri Hammer

Totally loved your program! Your joy, enthusiasm, encouragement, attention to detail in how to do the exercises safely, and with modifications if necessary ( if you needed to scale back or for something more challenging) was greatly appreciated!

Wendy Terrier

I was clicking through channels back in the early 90s and started watching because Patty, a girl I went to high school with, was a “dancer”. Eventually I picked up some cans from the pantry and joined in. You, and Patty, changed my body.

Melanie Kelley

I have been working out with you since the 1980’s when my children were toddlers. I am so grateful to you and PBS. While gyms were closed you kept me on track. Thank you Margaret!

Kathie Worley

My day care kiddos and I always made sure we were ready for our work out with you. We took your advice and used canned vegetables as our weights!! To this day I still try to use correct form, and controlled movements and flash Back to a crazy joke about trying to stay away from pork and beans. I still believe your program connected to the viewers like no one else, not even Cory Everson or Gilad’s “Bodies in Motion. “ Thank you for the instruction that stayed with me for my lifetime

Joni Allard

With your guidance and inspiration I have transformed my body. Thank you!

Pat Hummel

Started working out with you while pregnant in 1986, still workout with your show M- F on our PBS station 36 in WI! Couldn’ start my day w/o you!

Cheryl Oakes

I found you when I moved to the country in the late 80s where there were no group fitness classes. I did your classes before work live and later recorded them and finally purchased DVDs. Thank you, you made a difference.

Bambi Myers

I began working out with you in 1995 when I was 25 years old! Three years ago I began heavy lifting with a trainer, but since then I’ve suffered from tendonitis in each arm. Now I’m back with Body Electric via streaming! Thanks, Maggie, for always being there….especially now that I’m finally in the 50 and Fabulous Club!

Debbie Persk

I have loved the shows and have been working out with you nonstop for 25 years. Feels like you are a consistent friend and really so much fun it doesn’t even really feel like a work out but the results are amazing! Thank you so very very much….

Alice Becker

I started watching you when I was 20 years old. I’m 53 now and I still love your show!

Mary McCauley

I have exercised with you since the 80s. My daily routine is a morning walk and then a half hour with one of your shows. I have had to adapt some of the routines after back surgery, but I still keep fit. Thank you.

Jeffery A. Koenig

You have created an empire of health and fitness and I thank you for helping me and others feel great…

Thank you Margaret…